• prepainted corrugated steel sheet

    prepainted corrugated steel sheet

    PPGI definition: Color coated steel plate (commonly known as color coated PPGI) is galvanized steel plate (hot-dip galvanized GI, electric galvanized) and aluminum plated zinc steel plate as the base plate, After surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), with the method of roller coating, coated with one or more layers of liquid paint of different colors, after sheet material obtained after baking and cooling. PPGI corrugated steel sheet introduction: Corrugated steel sheet, ...
  • Prepaineted corrugated galvalume sheet

    Prepaineted corrugated galvalume sheet

    PPGl Corrugated sheet definition aluminized zinc coated plate is a new type of material produced in recent years due to high-end applications in China, commonly referred to as CCLI.It is made of aluminized zinc steel plate with more corrosion resistance than zinc plating (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon) as the substrate after surface degreasing, phosphating, complex acid treatment, coated with organic coating by baking products. Color Coated Pre-painted Steel Coil ( PPGL) characteris...
  • Galvanized courrugated steel sheet

    Galvanized courrugated steel sheet

    Zinc coating definition and classification: Hot dip galvanizing: also known as hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing: is an effective way of metal anticorrosion, he is in the zinc ingot melting at high temperature, in some auxiliary materials, and then the metal structure immersed in the galvanizing tank, so that the metal members attached to a layer of zinc layer, so as to play the purpose of anticorrosion.The advantage of hot dip galvanizing is that it has strong anti-corrosion abili...